The New World

Year: 2006
Duration: 2h 15min
IMDb: 6.7
Country: USA, UK
<p>Captain Smith is spared his mutinous hanging sentence after captain Newport&#39s ship arrives in 1607 to found Jamestown, an English colony in Virginia. The initially friendly natives, who have no personal property concept, turn hostile after a &#39theft&#39 is &#39punished&#39 violently on the spot. During an armed exploration, Smith is captured, but spared when the chief&#39s favorite daughter Pocahontas pleads for the stranger who soon becomes her lover and learns to love their naive &#39savage&#39 way of harmonious life. Ultimately he returns to the grim fort, which would starve hadn&#39t she arranged for Indian generosity. Alas, each side soon brands their own lover a traitor, so she is banished and he flogged as introduction to slavish toiling. Changes turn again, leading Smith to accept a northern-more mission and anglicized Pocahontas, believing him dead, becoming the mother of aristocratic new lover John Rolfe&#39s son. They&#39ll meet again for a finale in England.</p>